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New Savannah Bloody Mary Mix gives the age-old cocktail a new layer of flavor

   SAVANNAH, GA – The origin of the popular Bloody Mary cocktail remains in dispute. However, what is very clear is that the new Savannah Bloody Mary Mix brings a new dimension to the popular adult beverage.

   Savannah Bloody Mary Mix is the first product of the newly formed Savannah Beverage and Brinery. Co-created by the husband and wife culinary team of Jeremy Diehl and Kelly Yambor, the mix takes traditional Bloody Mary flavors – the spice of fresh ground black pepper, garden fresh flavors of celery seed, tangy fresh tomato juice, and the brightness of fresh squeezed lemon – and adds a layer of savory, lingering umami.

   Umami, the mysterious fifth flavor, is the earthy component that makes a splash of fish sauce sing in a recipe; that makes slow-cooked beef broth so rich and comforting.

   “Savannah Bloody Mary Mix is traditional in many ways,” says Jeremy, “but possesses a certain beefiness that is unusual for this type of cocktail mix.”

   Savannah Bloody Mary Mix is a perfect take-home gift from The Hostess City, where visitors are most frequently greeted with the question, “What will you have to drink?”  The colorful vintage postcard label is eye-catching with its bold primary colors, iconic coastal Georgia palm tree and a stately ocean liner named “Umami.”  

   Savannah Bloody Mary Mix will be sold through restaurants, gift shops and bars around Tybee Island and is coming soon to popular restaurants, bars and shops in Savannah. Online orders will be available soon on this website.

   Three percent of sales from Savannah Bloody Mary Mix will be donated to public school programs.